I have big dreams of a world in which it’s a standard part of our education system to teach people how to communicate effectively through content – by honing skills in both writing and design, by realizing we’re all both technical and creative, and by focusing on how to create usable content that is both informative and persuasive.

Tina M. Kister


Communication for Success

I love to help people be successful.

No matter what you’re working on, being able to communicate effectively is critical to your success. In this era of online communications, being able to communicate well means being able to create effective content.

Tina M. Kister

Hi! My name is Tina M. Kister, and I’m the creator of Science-Based Content Design.©  I’m also the founder of the InfoDev Academy and its parent company, Nanatoo Communications.

For years, I’ve watched my fellow information developers – people who create technical, instructional and other high-value business content – struggle to do their jobs well in a world that doesn’t grasp the unique challenges that information developers face, nor the critical role that they play in business success.

Many organizations continue to take an outdated, siloed approach that has little to do with the modern era of online communications. Despite the fact that content-based communications are essential in all fields, genres, and media, both education and operations continue to revolve around specialized skills and subject areas, and fail to empower people to create effective content that includes both writing and design, as well as both technical and creative components.

While there are boundless resources for creating content that is literary, artistic, or sales-oriented, there are relatively few resources for creating usable, fact-based business content that incorporates best practices in writing, visual design, usability, quality and project management, streamlined operations, and a deep understanding of how human beings perceive and process information.

The InfoDev Academy synthesizes best practices from across many different specialized areas of information development, as well as sciences, the arts, engineering, and more, to create a new paradigm for success – one that results in content that truly meets the needs of our users, our organizations, and ourselves.

Professional Experience

I have a degree in communications, and have taken graduate courses in technical communication, web design, and online communications. I have also studied fine arts, and worked for several years as a professional artist. As a content professional, I have worked in a variety of fields that range from government and military to advertising, journalism, and the sciences. I have worked as a writer, graphic designer, instructional designer, quality-assurance specialist, technical editor, and more.

I have certifications in technical communication (CPTC), project management (PMP), proposal management (APMP), and content strategy.

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