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Information developers are critical in every organization, and in every field, genre, and media. We’ll help you become an indispensable asset for your both your organization and your end users.



Our mission is to advocate for information developers by promoting an evidence-based, interdisciplinary approach that facilitates success in an internet-connected world.



Our vision is a world in which everyone is more empowered to get things done because they understand how to communicate effectively through content.



Our promise is to provide actionable, real-world advice that results in a clear and measurable transformation for end users, organizations, and information developers.



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The InfoDev Academy is a resource for communication professionals seeking to expand their knowledge and skills. We teach both methods and processes, as well as the science and reasoning behind them, so you can be successful regardless of which field, genre, or media you are working in. Using our proven, science-based approach, we provide online courses with guided one-on-one and group support.

We also provide an online community for anyone who creates information-based content. Information developers face unique challenges, and our online community provides a resource for facing those challenges.


Information Developer

Tina M. Kister is the creator of the InfoDev Academy and founder of it’s parent company, Nanatoo Communications. Kister specializes in taking an interdisciplinary approach to improving information-development processes and has been acknowledged as a “thought leader” and “change agent.”

With a background in both creative and technical communications, as well as certifications in technical communication (CPTC), project management (PMP), proposal management (APMP), and content strategy, Kister provides a rare perspective that synthesizes best practices across traditionally siloed areas of business communications.

Tina M. Kister

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The InfoDev Academy is a division of Nanatoo Communications. Nanatoo was founded in 2016 as a platform for championing an interdisciplinary and practical approach to managing information-development projects. Nanatoo evolved into a consulting company, whose clients, such as TechSmith Snagit and Precision Content Authoring Solutions, provide business-to-business and business-to-consumer content solutions.

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The InfoDev Academy integrates areas of business communication that are traditionally separated. We focus on both writing and design, on both the technical and creative aspects of information development, and on using both well-planned and agile processes.

In this era of online communications, the exchange of information is critical to almost every aspect of organizational health – whether internal operations or external sales and marketing. Because it’s so important, people constantly create content in order to exchange information and do their jobs.

But not everyone understands how to create content – how to write clearly and concisely, or how to make sound design decisions that reinforce meaning and enhance usability. And poor-quality content isn’t always better than no content – it can mislead people, cause confusion, lead to increased workloads, damage morale, and even endanger lives and livelihoods. We believe that everyone should understand the basics of effective content – the fundamentals of compiling, curating, and creating information that’s meant to be used.

We believe that information developers, who are experts in creating effective content while balancing the needs of users, organizations, subject-matter experts, and managers, should be empowered to create truly effective content, as well as recognized for the unique challenges they face and the invaluable contribution they make.

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Interdisciplinary Development and Experience Approach

In both education and business, there is a long tradition of separating communication into specific domains. We separate writing from design, sales from support, and technical experts from creative experts.  At Nanatoo, we realize that these distinctions don’t matter to our users. We have codified an integrated approach that synthesizes best practices in technical and business communication, writing and design, project management, and more, to provide an integrated solution that is both effective and sustainable.

Natural Language


Understanding how people naturally process both verbal and written language.


Visual Stimuli


Understanding how people perceive and process all visual stimuli.

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Return on Investment

Project Management

Ensuring cost-effective processes with high-quality results.

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Collaboration and Clarity


Facilitating productivity and continuous improvement through a seamless transfer of knowledge.

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Business Objectives


Meeting strategic, long-term  business goals with intelligent, short-term tacticts.

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Cognition and Behavior


Understanding how perception and information processing influence behavior.

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We teach you how to develop content based on a modern, interdisciplinary, and evidence-based approach…

…so that…



You can transform content that is complex, tedious, overwhelming, and dull…




Content that is simple, easy to use, functional, and beautiful…

…so that…



It truly serves the needs of your end users, as well as your organization…

…so that…



You can garner more support, gain more authority, receive more recognition, and earn more money…

…so that…



You are empowered to create content that truly serves the needs of your users, your organization, and yourself…

…so that…



The world is a better place because of a cycle of success!
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