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Code of Conduct

Last updated September 16, 2021

The InfoDev Academy is dedicated to improving the lives of information developers, their end users, and their organizations. We are committed to empowering information developers to master all aspects of content-based communications, and strongly believe in taking an open-minded, evidence-based, interdisciplinary approach that transcends traditional silos and biases. To that end, it is critical that all members of and contributors to the InfoDev Academy treat one another with respect. This Code of Conduct provides specific guidelines you can follow help keep our community a place of courtesy and growth.


Share, Share, Share!

A lot of information developers are naturally introverted or shy. Take a risk and share your knowledge, your experience, and your questions.

Stay on Topic

Keep all posts and responses relevant to the immediate topic. If someone asks how to do something, don’t tell them that they shouldn’t do it that way. (That’s off topic.)

Be Specific

The more specific your posts an replies are, the less likely that there will be miscommunication. Specific questions allow other people to help you more effectively.

Be Courteous and Respectful

We encourage healthy debate and critical thinking. However, insults, name-calling, and rudeness are not tolerated.

Ask Questions

A successful information developer cultivates curiosity. Use that same skill here, and ask questions, particularly if something seems offensive, ignorant, inappropriate, or just plain weird, before you pass judgement.

Keep the Discussion Public

In general, keep conversations within the community, and refrain from offering to have private, one-on-one conversations outside of the group. If you have an idea or a solution, share it so that everyone can benefit.

Respect Everyone’s Privacy

Some discussions or posts may be sensitive. Please respect the privacy of other members.

No Promotions or Solicitations

Do not use the InfoDev Academy for financial gain without express written permission or outside of the designated groups. While we strongly encourage you to promote your ideas (and back them up with sound reasoning and evidence), we do not allow you to promote your business, your service, your events, or any other income-producing entity, outside of designated promotion areas. You may post links and references to your own income-producing entity if doing so would genuinely benefit another member, as long as you declare any affiliate or financial relationship.

No “Fishing” Posts

Do not post questions designed to allow you to showcase your expertise, start an argument, or make a point. Stay authentic by posting only genuine questions and topics.

Reach Out to Us

We’d love to hear from you – whether you need support or have feedback. You can post your feedback in the group called Suggestion Box, email us at [email protected], or use the contact form on our website.

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