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A Framework and Methodology for Creating Content that Works!

Science-Based Content Design teaches you to understand your audience in a deeper and more fundamental way, and to apply that knowledge in ways that can lead to a better user experience, increased customer satisfaction, lowered production costs, and deliverables that inform and delight.

Information Development


Tools of the Trade
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10 Favorites for InfoDev Pros

Information development is about taking an evidence-based and interdisciplinary approach to content-based communications. It's also about making content-related decisions that benefit both end users and organizations. This list brings together some of the best publications to help you create content that really works!

Information Development


Basic Design Elements
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Fundamentals for Creating Content that Works!

Color has a strong influence on how human beings interpret information. It affects meaning, legibility, accessibility, and even production. There are five basic color attributes every content professional can use to make more effective color decisions.

Design Basics




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