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We deliver service products, which are content-improvement kits that include detailed analyses backed by peer-reviewed evidence and real-world best practices. 

Deliverables include detailed explanations, customized examples, and implementation support. You can implement changes on your own terms.

Our service model is based on evidence, action, and results, so you can achieve true content excellence.


Making the Case

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Outlining the Steps

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Achieving Your Goals

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Take-Action Design Audit™

The Take-Action Design Audit (TADA) evaluates a specific deliverable based on the science of human perception and cognition in order to optimize clarity, credibility, cognition, and visual appeal.

Using the Interdisciplinary Development and Experience Approach (IDEA)™ and our Content-Perception Matrix™ , we provide you with a detailed and actionable analysis tailored specifically for your project, audience, and process.

While the TADA is tailored to a specific deliverable, the results can also be used to optimize all of your content and make global improvements.


Language is a distinct content component, and exists separately from how language is presented (text). The TADA includes a summary analysis of terminology, style, and syntax.


Ideas are the main conceptual component of content – the things you want to say. Ideas are the reason that content exists. The TADA includes a summary analysis of validity, soundness, and clarity.


Design refers to the way that elements are arranged and presented. The TADA includes a summary analysis of shape, color, position, text, and the basic content elements.


Rhetoric refers to the ancient art of argument, or persuasion. The TADA includes a summary analysis of content units (chunking), information types, and order of information.

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WOW! That was amazing and SO helpful, thank you so much. Your review was so thorough and truly amazing – especially the way you explained how the current colors don’t play nice and how you provided font family options. I’ll choose a dominant color and start on a cleaner look.

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happy customer Steve Cuss

Steve Cuss, Capable Life

Streamlined Processes



Healthy and sustainable information development requires governance, so that everyone within an organization is working together toward the same vision of success.

Proper governance:

Style Guidelines

Document, communicate, and distribute clear writing, design, and brand-identity guidelines to ensure all members of your organization are working toward the same vision of success.


Develop functional, easy-to-use templates that reflect your organization’s values so you can increase quality, efficiency, and return-on-investment.


Clarify and manage terminology to reduce ambiguity, and to ensure consistency, clarity, and usability, so you can position your organization as an industry leader.


Create clear information-development processes and procedures to expedite projects, ease transitions, ensure business continuity, and retain priceless knowledge.

When your users succeed, you succeed.


Product Enhancements

We work with content professionals and content companies to help them provide more value for their customers. With our science-based approach, we optimize products, user interfaces, documentation, and more.

In-Product Templates

Create in-product templates to help you increase the value you provide to your customers and clients.

User-Interface Enhancements

Refine user-interface elements to improve usability, trust, and engagement.

Documentation Re-Design

Optimize product-related documentation so your users have a higher rate of success.

Product Improvement

Transform product content elements so they are easier to use and more visually appealing. 

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I saw Tina speak on the science of good page design and was impressed by how she ventured well beyond the technical communication field to pull together insights and best practices from neuroscience, behavioral science, and graphic design. I immediately thought: I want to work with her! During our engagement, Tina’s research and information development work laid a very solid foundation for the Snagit product team to build out hundreds of templates that will be used by millions of end users to create quick reference guides, job aids, and other technical content. Tina brought a very high level of experience, insight, and attention to detail to this project.

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happy customer Daniel Foster from TechSmith Snagit

Daniel Foster, Strategy Manager, TechSmith SnagIt



Why not just hire a technical writer or a graphic designer?

Our service products are based on the science of human perception and cognition. We have created a unique database of research from a wide range of fields that includes more than 800 articles on topics such as attention, memory, vision, neurochemistry, sensory perception, and more.

Our services are also holistic and specifically designed to support and integrate with larger business initiatives. We don’t just design a template or a manual – we also provide guidelines for continuous use and improvement, for scaling to a larger production volume, for ensuring consistency across the company, for integrating with other tools and systems, and for empowering individuals to use our solutions successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions


Questions & Answers

Custom, one-on-one services cost $250 per hour. Our service products, which are streamlined and based on our repeatable methodologies, start at $297.

Project length varies. As a frame of reference, if you order a Take-Action Design Audit (TADA) for a single content component, it will take two days for us to complete the analysis and deliver your report and recommendations. We then schedule a follow-up meeting to facilitate implementation.

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After our initial consultation, we’ll have you sign an agreement, provide details about your existing content and your content objectives, and name a single point of content for the duration of the project.

Visit our contact page to schedule an initial consult. (We do not sell or pitch during consults – we promise!)

You can visit our Resources page, join our email list, or sign up for the free InfoDev Academy membership.


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