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Get the support you need to go from “zero to hero” and become a master at designing content that is both usable and beautiful!

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The Science-Based Content Design membership includes all perks of the free community, as well as:

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Have you ever:

Been confused by the traditional approach to learning and implementing visual design?
Struggled to explain why a design change is important?
Felt like conventional design advice is too vague or doesn't apply to your content?
Wanted to improve the design of your content and been unsure where to start?
Wondered how you can stand out and demonstrate your value as a content professional?
You're Not Alone!
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Content design is often overlooked in formal training and education programs, which tend to focus on the use of language and writing. But effective content-based communications requires mastery of all elements used on a page or a screen – not just the text-based elements. Trying to learn content design on your own can leave you feeling overwhelmed, confused, and frustrated.

The Science-Based Content Design program provides you with an evidence-based, interdisciplinary approach that emphasizes hands-on learning and practical application. It provides you with a new level of knowledge and awareness based on the science of human perception, and empowers you to use that knowledge to create content that truly enables success.

There are no other programs like the Science-Based Content Design program, which cuts through the mythology and magical thinking usually associated with design. Our program empowers you to make sound design decisions that improve your ability to communicate through content, communicate about content, and demonstrate the tremendous value you provide to your end users and your organization.

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This membership is for you if you want to:

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Tina M. Kister
Tina M. Kister
Tina M. Kister is the creator of the InfoDev Academy and founder of it’s parent company, Nanatoo Communications. Kister specializes in taking an interdisciplinary approach to improving information-development processes and has been acknowledged as a “thought leader” and “change agent.”With a background in both creative and technical communications, as well as certifications in technical communication (CPTC), project management (PMP), proposal management (APMP), and content strategy, Kister provides a rare perspective that synthesizes best practices across traditionally siloed areas of business communications.


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Working with Text

A Practical, Step-by-Step, Science-Based Approach

Discover what you need to know (and what you don't) about choosing fonts that work.

Science-Based Content Design




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